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Sony KD-65S8505C

£2,112.16 - £2,300.00

What is the Sony KD-65S8505C?

The KD-65S8505C is Sony’s second-generation curved TV. It’s a 65-inch model boasting a native 4K UHD resolution, Sony’s latest X1 4K video-processing system, the company’s Triluminos wide-colour gamut technology, and the new Android TV smart OS.

It doesn’t benefit from the innovative Multi-Angle Live Speaker system that was such a hit on Sony’s debut curved TV – the KD-65S9005B – but the more advanced picture processing and slimmer design will hopefully compensate for this.

Sony KD-65S8505C – Design and Features

The KD-65S8505C isn’t as stylish as the striking KD-65S9005B, but I suspect this won’t upset many people. After all, with its slim, silver-trimmed black frame and remarkably minimalistic stand, it’s about as unobtrusive as a 65-inch curved TV could be.

Its curve is shallower than most rival curved TVs’, which may endear it to people who like the look and idea of a curved screen but are concerned about the potential viewing limitations, image geometry issues and distorted onscreen reflections associated with them.

It’s worth adding that KD–65S8505C’s large screen helps to “sell” the concept of a curved screen far more convincingly, since its size makes easier for groups of people to enjoy the strengths of a curved screen – such as a more immersive viewing experience and enhanced image depth.

The KD-65S8505C includes a good set of connections. Its four HDMIs are built to the 4K-friendly 2.0 spec with HDCP 2.2 anti-piracy protocol support, while today’s increasingly important multimedia features are supported by a trio of USB ports, plus integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/NFC support.

The Wi-Fi system supports both multimedia streaming from networked DLNA devices and access to Sony’s online services.

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